My real name is Daniel John. My favorite color is Orange, for which I have my reasons. I can't sing, yet I can't stop singing. I collect quotes and Olympic pins. There are no files on my desktop. I grew up in Upstate NY and moved to Massachusetts to attend Boston University. I'm a former Ski Instructor and Apple Store employee.

I'm also part of the Research division of Twitter's Revenue team, and work to help understand message resonance and audience composition on the platform.

Previously, I was one of the first five members of Crimson Hexagon's Professional Services team. During my nearly three years there, I had the opportunity to work across Product, Marketing, and Managed Services. By the end, I was responsible for about $6MM of consulting service engagements across major flagship brands, worked to sell and onboard enterprise clients alongside the our Account and Sales teams; as well as educated and advised our Product team on the evolution of the social analytics marketplace.

My first two roles were at Hill Holliday and Mullen—both Boston-based IPG agencies. There, I helped to craft integrated paid-owned-earned strategies for major New England clients like Timberland, Stanley/Black & Decker, and Liberty Mutual.