David Loitz

David Loitz is an educator, a learner, a passionate advocate of education transformation and student voice. David has been a teacher for over 7 years and currently works in first grade in Beaverton, Oregon. He has taught students from preschool to high school in a variety of formal and informal educational settings. David works with a number of different organizations, including Imagining Learning, the Institute For Democratic Education in America (IDEA), the Cooperative Catalsyt and sits on the board of Open Road Learning Community for Teens.

As Seed Steward of Imagining Learning, a student voice organization, David has worked to actively grow Imagining Learning’s connections to young people, education pioneers and others around the country, bringing water, air and nourishment to the new seed they are developing.

David is in his third year with IDEA, currently working as a digital organizer with the goal of helping connect and promote the efforts of democratic learning communities and tell their stories using social media and digital storytelling. He hosts the #IDEAedChat every thursday at 6pm PT.

He also helps to curate and edit the Cooperative Catalyst, a blog dedicated to transforming education and can also be found on other education blogs and sites including Adventures in Learning on Tumblr.

David is currently working towards his Masters in Holistic Elementary Education at Goddard College. Along with his experience in education, he has a wide range of accomplishments in creative endeavors including 10 years as a filmmaker with a BFA (Film/Video) from California Institute of the Arts.