David Ngo

On June 16, 2013 I became Stanford's first and only Behavior Design major graduate.

If it were not for my mentors/advisors BJ Fogg, Jeremy Bailenson, Clifford Nass, and Carol Dweck, I wouldn't have been able to be here today.

At 20, I was a contractor behavior design consultant to fortune 500 company.

At 21, I was a contractor behavior designer at Trinity Ventures, one of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley 3000 Sandhill.

Upon my graduation at Stanford, I was accepted into Harvard Business School (2+2 program) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (Class of 2018, deferral program).

I have not decided on a school yet.

In the meantime, I teach, consult, & speak about designing behaviors in your users, customers, or yourself.

Email me for engagements: dngo11 [at] stanford (dot) edu

Or call me at (650) 223-5664. I usually don't answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers. Just leave a voicemail. I check those.