Don Giannatti

Photographer, Designer, Writer, Musician, lover of life and passionate about creativity. From photographer to being Creative Director for a large Ad Agency, I put everything I have into consistent innovation. Currently on hiatus from workshops while I finish a new online educational program, you can find me working at my studio or traveling the southwest for a wide variety of clients.

If you are interested in photography, you should check out my Lighting Essentials site. There is a Facebook Page for photographers as well. Oh, this is my commercial photography portfolio. You can find out more about my graphic design work at

My first book: "Lighting Essentials: Subject Centric Light for Digital Photographers"

My second book: "Lighting Essentials: Lighting for Texture, Contrast, and Dimension in Digital Photography"

My third book: "Don Giannatti's Guide to Professional Photography: Achieve Creative and Financial Success"