Don Moxley

I LOVE to learn and I LOVE to teach. I am an exercise physiologist who specializes in fitness/athletic assessment, performance and wellness technology. I'm an Asst. Professor in the Sports Studies Department at Urbana University. I also work as a consultant for sports/fitness facilities, individual athletes and sport organizations. I am the owner of Lemonade Neighborhood Fitness, and Founder of ViA Performance Systems.

The cornerstone of the Lemonade and ViA experience is technology I invented that gives exercisers the ability to track their performance in strength and cardiovascular training programs on a workout-by-workout basis:

  • Lemonade is a technology driven, results oriented, personalized training studio.
  • ViA Performance Systems develops and licenses technology connecting computers to exercise equipment making the training process accountable. The ViA mantra is, “Passionate Enthusiasts; making fitness enjoyable, so people will do it, and achieve!”

Prior to Lemonade and ViA I worked as the Director of Sales for Polar Electro and coached at The Ohio State University. Additionally, I have directed training programs for Olympic Medalists, NCAA All-Americans, professionals, fitness clubs, physical education programs and sports organizations across the continent.

I wrestled for The Ohio State University where I captained the team and earned a Big 10 Championship in 1985. Currently my personal time goes to supporting my wife and my daughter's ice hockey and lacrosse dreams.