Dr. Imani Ma'at

Dr. Imani Ma'at is a Harvard Educated Acclaimed Author, Award-Winning Health Educator, Researcher, Radio Talk Show Host and Poet with 22 years of experience at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Health Scientist & Program Director. As the Director of a National Program to Eliminate Health Disparities (REACH 2010) she spearheaded a team of experts that guided and supported the efforts of community coalitions around the U.S. in the development of new and innovative approaches to chronic diseases and health issues such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, heart disease, infant mortality and more.

Armed with the truth and an understanding of the urgent need for accurate information and skills to reduce health risks, Dr. Ma'at launched Healthy Haiku Productions (HHP), LLC. She has created Health and Wellness Workshops based on her scientifically evaluated and award-winning curriculum that infuses the arts in health education. Healthy Haiku Workshops also grew out of the Creative experience of Co-Directing her Teen Theater Group (YES 4 Health, Inc.) and through working with Mentors, Youth and Women's organizations over the last 11 years. During workshops, participants learn about health issues and most importantly how to create a powerful life and environment that stimulates positive choices and healthy lives!

We have 5 Exciting Empowerment Programs: (1) Healthy Haiku Workshops for Youth; (2) Train-the-Trainer Workshops for Mentors; (3) Holistic Health & Wellness Retreats for Women; (4) Individualized Health & Wellness Mentoring and (5) Health & Wellness Speaking Engagements and Keynote Presentations. Let Dr. Imani and her first class team work with your organization promoting health and wellness in a way that is fun, interactive, and effective.

For more information please visit http://imanimaat.com