Marc Applewhite

Hi, I'm Marc Applewhite aka Dr. Marctagon™ (or Doc, for short), a Renaissance man who doesn't take life too seriously and whose vision goes no further than the current day. I live in the moment and only use the future as a guideline as to how to conduct myself the in the present. I smile a lot and give great hugs. I pray often and love everyone.

My career has been in the technology field for the last 14 years with my current role as an independent consultant being for the last six. I've recently launched Marctagon Synergy, my wellness initiative geared toward helping busy entrepreneurs and urban professionals take on healthier lifestyles and to live more for themselves and less for their jobs and careers or achieve what I call "life synergy".

This site is the gateway to me and my many layers.

In me, you will find a

The Doctor Is In.