Duan Yutong

Currently at Boston University

  • PhD, theoretical particle physics and cosmology

Currently at Pacific Online Ltd.

  • Journalist and editor
  • eSports commentator (Seagate Challenge, Intel IO 3rd Gen. Core Challenge, Fnatic PLAY League, DreamHack, ESEA, Gunner Challenge Cup, Tesoro Masters, etc.)

Formerly at Rhodes College

  • B.S. in physics with honors; mathematics minor
  • Research assistant (astrophysics)
  • Teaching assistant and tutor
  • Consultant and analyst in IT Services

Formerly at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Formerly at ESEA League

  • S12: WeChat!, Effected Gaming
  • S11: Dedication, deaDCell
  • S10: Honker Gaming (Flaming Rainbows), Legacy

Formerly at RhodesBBS

  • Founder and administrator