I'm a political, organizational, and new media strategist with eight years of experience in crisis management and helping candidates, non-profits, and corporations represent themselves to the general public and elite decision-makers with the utmost of discretion.

I'm a researcher and specialist in policy and global economics who's demonstrated versatility and adaptive learning in fast-changing political, communications, and private-sector situations.

I'm a content creator and community manager with expertise demonstrated in support of politicians, authors, and organizations seeking to engage audiences through new media.

I want to put my diverse experience, rich knowledge base, problem-solving skills, and comfort with diverse audiences to use in the public interest. Let me know how I can be of service to you and your organization.

  • Designer and Social Media Strategist for a bestselling author
  • Social Media Strategist for a winning first-time NYC Council candidate
  • Social Media Researcher and Manager for a foundation working in social good
  • Senior Field Team Deputy for a national political campaign
  • Licensed Compliance Officer and Internal Investigator for an international investment bank
  • Policy Researcher for a member of the House of Representatives