E. M. Slocum

Emily Maude Mary Slocum (born February 26. 1987) is an American artist, writer and singer.
E. M. Slocum was born in Basel, Switzerland to Marylin Slocum, an American artist and Manfred Gilgien, a Swiss author.

She currently lives in Cologne (Germany), where she's actively working on and producing plays, short stories, artful photography and music.

Exhibition of E.M. Slocum's Artwork at the Creatives Rising Event in New York City, October 5th. http://e-m-slocum.see.me/

Publication of the short story 'Still Life' in the Un.Sung, The Magazine's 'The Writer's Digest Edition'. http://www.unsungthemagazine.org/purchase.html

E. M. Slocum is open for representation. Please visit the website: www.emslocum.wordpress.com for more detail and information.