E.B. Boyd


I'm a writer based in San Francisco. I've written about everything from technology pioneers to Marines in Afghanistan. Most recently, I covered Silicon Valley for FastCompany.com. Previously, I was a producer for CNN in the Middle East, a staff writer at the Toledo Blade, and a contributing writer for Fast Company and San Francisco magazines. In a previous life, I worked inside Silicon Valley tech companies, helping build software and websites.

I will always happily hop on a plane headed to the far reaches of the planet with little more than a map and a camera. I’ve traveled to most of the continents in the world and have reported from the Middle East, China, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Afghanistan.

In San Francisco, I regularly hang out with my four nieces and one nephew, alternately keeping them in line, nudging them forward, and offering a release valve from whatever it is their parents are trying to teach them.

Email me at: eb.boyd [at] yahoo.com