Edouard Stenger

Hi there ! As a young French Marketing professional with a Master's in international management I have been selecting for my blog the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change, cleantech and the world energy sector since 2007. I have published there over 1,500 posts.

Motivated by the success encountered, I started in 2009 to contribute to Cleantechies where I write on European and French environmental and energy policies and issues.

After several missions in various industries and sectors, I am seeking new opportunities in Marketing and Communications, in Europe and elsewhere.

I am willing to put to good use my educational background, knowledge of languages and IT. I am sharing my time between Belgium and France.

For fun I delve in photography, art and astronomy. I also read way too much (science, sci fi, thrillers...) and swim three times a week. I also enjoy wandering outdoors and just watching how beautiful our world can be...

If this sounds interesting or cool, don't hesitate to contact me :)