Duane Thomas

Providing leadership resources, education and networking opportunities in community, economic, and entrepreneurial development within West Virginia and beyond.

..twenty years experience comprised of concept development, operational development / implementation, management, local-store marketing, financial strategy / analysis, employee management / development, customer satisfaction. Consulting services to small businesses for over fifteen years. Education and training to public (University faculty member) and within private sector nearly fifteen years. MBA in business administration from Marshall University.

I believe a key component to building a stronger foundation within a community is continually overlooked and/or underutilized.


As I recently Tweeted on Twitter: [Cultivating Human Ability - Capacity | Whether they flourish depends on how they are nourished - Sir Ken Robinson]

ENGAGING students within communities, more specifically with SMALL and large business owners (Entrepreneurs), will increase the nourishment students are receiving within the "brick and mortar" institutions. Nourishment, not only for the students but also for the entrepreneurs.