Emily Finke

By training a forensic anthropologist, but by passion a science communicator. I am happiest when I am in a creek, teaching 10 year olds how to catch crayfish and look for tardigrades, or in the desert, surrounded by dinosaur skeletons. (No, anthropologists don't study dinosaurs, but anthropologists who also have a degree in geology and who work for museum or environmental education departments do.) I love to teach everything from entomophagy to exoplanets. I will happily speak about science anywhere that there's an interested audience: Sci-Fi conventions, Steampunk gatherings, Science in the Pub events.

When I am not talking about science professionally, I am... well, still talking about science. My main blog can be found at This View of Life. I am also a contributor to Mad Art Lab. Online, I can be found on Twitter as @Seelix and on Google+. When not online, I'm probably at the pub talking to strangers about how penguins don't live at the North Pole.