eric konohia
With over thirty years of experience in law enforcement and security services, Mr. Konohia is president of BPI Security, LLC. My company provides executive protection & high threat protection services in permissive and non-permissive environments. We conduct threat & vulnerability assessments as well as security consulting services for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 CEO's and at-risk persons. Mr. Konohia's tenure with the Maryland State Police included undercover narcotics investigations and road patrol. Mr. Konohia testified on countless occasions as an "Expert" witness in undercover operations. He was an instructor for the State of Maryland's "Top Gun" School for drug investigators. Konohia was the assistant instructor for the Basic Executive Protection course for Andrews International and Garda World (formerly Vance International). Mr. Konohia's specialized training includes Basic Criminal Investigator School, Advanced Criminal Investigator School, Federal Bureau of Investigation White Collar Crime School, Drug Enforcement Administration Investigator School, Drug Enforcement Administration Conspiracy School, Federal Law Enforcement Analytical Training-DEA Quantico, VA, Audio Intelligence Device Surveillance School, Vance International Executive Protection School, Defensive Driving School, Certified Personal Protection Specialist, Advanced Personal Protection Handgun, Solution Group International High Threat Protection course, Paul Howe's (CSAT) tactical pistol, Counter Assault Team tactics [CAT] and Basic SWAT training. Eric is licensed to carry a concealed weapon in forty-two [42] states. Mr. Konohia has appeared on MSNBC. He has published several security related articles and will be releasing his new book soon.