elizabeth jane

I am a redeemed failure, a dreamer, a musician inside of the philosopher. An attempting Christian humanist who has travelled extensively with my heart wide open. A picture taker, art maker, psych major (or rather, intercessor to the suffering).

While in Rwanda, I was taken to a village in a district called Remora Rukema where a boy said something along the lines of, "You and me? Well, we could change the world." In so being beckoned, I have decided to dedicate my whole life to giving all that is necessary to see that through. 

At present, I am involved with The Adventure Project, a non-profit that is investing capital into positive social enterprises around the world. I invite you to join us in the Oneto1000 campaign which will attempt to alleviate extreme poverty by increasing the income of 1,000 farmers, each by 1,000%. Ooooooh mercy. It's going to be epic.