Ellen Smoak

Hi! I'm Ellen. I'm here to make you happy. I'm here to put a smile on that pretty face of yours again. I'm here to help you heal. And, I'm here to help send you back out into this badass world, so that you can make that huge, badass footprint you're meant to be making. What does that mean exactly? Basically, I'm here to help you get over that bastard you call your ex.

My fiance dumped me after spending almost 5 years with him. And guess what I realized? I realized that the rest of my life depended on me getting over it. And so does yours.

So don't wait. Join the BREAKUP REVOLUTION: A brilliant, badass community of women who've decided to break UP (and not down) after a breakup, because the rest of their big, beautiful lives depend on it @ www.breakupsareabitch.com.

IN RETURN, you'll get a free chapter of this badass book, a free e-course "The 10 Secrets To Beating A Broken Heart Before It Beats YOU", and unlimited access to me for the most brilliant, badass breakup advice.

See you on the other side. (A.K.A. The Badass Side).