Otmane El Rhazi

Expert in trading of securities, valuation and modelling, Mr. Otmane El Rhazi has specialised knowledge on a wide variety of engineering and scientific disciplines. El Rhazi has led the way in the now-emerging fields of Biometric data analysis and security software development, and his contributions to the Power Analysis of Time Series and other Asset Estimation have been widely used in utilities. El Rhazi was a pioneer for Levy process modelling and its usage in the French markets, a real innovation that has contributed to well assess the nuclear assets of the State and provide the right rates to citizens. His career in engineering began after completing the preparatory classes for aver two years and it had a lot of design and art subject and literature.

His studies was also highly dedicated to informatics. In C and C++ El Rhazi has found his holy grail. Being ready to use those programming languages has provided him with a whole new set of tools that he has not had before, and opened many career prospects in the consulting industry. Otmane El Rhazi was appointed lead software developer in projects for BNP in 2004. He left BNP in December and has joined a small trading utility in the center of London, where he was sponsored to work for full time. Developing his expertise and funding was El Rhazi’s first priority to success. After achieving self-independence, he settled for the luxury of being a self-employed and working flexible hours in the Financial Services.

Despite his busy schedule, Otmane El Rhazi always finds an hour or two a week to do some exercise or socialise online. His passion for swimming began at an early age as he is born the coast side of Morocco. Otmane continues to swim in a swimming clubs close by, where he also enjoys doing gym and boxing twice a week. He believes that sport can’t be only a hobby but also a tool for learning socialisation skills and a beneficial to fitness and health. In 2013, he also got inspired by artistic work and design. Otmane El Rhazi became interested in art work since he was a teenager. He expressed admiration of new songs, plays and concerts, giving peace, romance and inspiration to the human mind.