Emil Lamprecht

I am a full stack marketer, UX thought leader, and speaker of many topics. I developed and mentor the User Experience Design Course at CareerFoundry.

As CMO and Creative Director of the company, I utilize my speciality as a market fit strategist, iterating both product and marketing strategies in tandem for fullest effect.


As a 7 year freelancer I travelled the world working in range of industries with the mission to learn and perfect product design and implementation.

I challenge my knowledge of the world everyday with the belief that if you've stopped learning you might as well be dead.


I am an avid....

  • speaker
  • consultant
  • mentor

....for meetups, accelerators, conferences and company pow-wows.

I race everything I can get my hands on from little red wagons to super cars.

I was a career juggler and performer for 4 years before moving into business and technology.

Google my name for more.