Emil Stancu

I have chosen photography to express myself, upfront and with grace. I put people first, in front of my camera and I let my lens to detect that inner feeling that goes beyond the photography.

I may be defined as an authentic uncompromised spirit and I convey a contagious passion for my art. Actually, my inner drives come from life and primal commitment to innovative content and up to date techniques. I may be bold and provocative in my work but I treat each project with the same care as for a child. He needs to growth into a grownup form of art. That is my belief.

I tend to appreciate the human nature at its most. A face is not just anatomy for me, it delivers the whole nature of human kind. And its beauty. My strongest desire is to transmit the topical beauty beyond all through the lens.

I am Emil Stancu, your photographer. I detect beauty and encompass it in a form of art.