Emily Luxton

Emily Luxton is a writer, blogger and travel enthusiast from the south coast of England. Her blog, www.emilyluxton.co.uk, Wanderlust Magazine’s Travel Blog of the Year, blends her own narrative travel stories with reviews and how-to guides, as well as the popular weekly interview feature Postcard From. Emily’s also runs BackpackSouthAmerica.co.uk, an in-depth guide to travelling South America on a backpacker budget, which includes reviews, informative guides, hiking and walking routes, and packing lists. She has also recently launched www.letsbebackpackers.com, a new website aimed at all travellers, but specifically couples.

Emily's work has been published in many online publications, such as Rosetta Stone’s #Milestones blog and Attractiontix blog, and she has won numerous travel writing competitions including Barcelona Points and The Works’ On the Road Reading Moments. So far, Emily has travelled to 13 countries, most recently completing a five month trip around South America, and favours slow, long-term travel over collecting passport stamps.