Emily Rose

I enjoy gallivanting around Cincinnati with Gadget Oscarelli, my owl familiar, snapping photos with my HTC MyTouch 4G Slide, dressing fancy and loving life. I enjoy writing reviews as a Yelp Elite and sharing great photos of yummy food and drinks, while out and about with Gadget and friends.

I Aspire to Inspire, to Encourage and Promote Well-being, and to help people start "Designing a Better Life" on my blog; I have also begun writing Reviews to promote my favoritest products; from books I love reading to technology I love using.

As an Artist I'm actively seeking new places to hang, share, and sell my growing Collections of Photography.

My hometown is Minneapolis, Minnesota, but I have really enjoyed shorter winters and longer summers here in Cincy. I recently Graduated with Honors at APUS/AMU, earning my BA in Business Administration with a Concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

I strive for excellence in everything I do, and look forward to many wonderful opportunities and experiences as I continue to grow, learn, and geek out as often as possible.