Emma Goss

An aspiring broadcast news reporter, I moved to New York City three years ago from the California Bay Area to launch my journalism career (and go to college).

I am a production intern for NBC Nightly News. I previously interned as an editorial producer for NBC Local Integrated Media, writing news articles and blog posts for NBC's 11 local markets, covering politics, breaking news, technology, business, health, sports, and entertainment news. Prior to that I was a production intern at Morning Joe on MSNBC from January 2014 to May 2014.

I got my start working in web and print journalism, doing entertainment, fashion, and food writing for Glamour Magazine, Slate Magazine, and The Jewish Week, all while working as an associate news editor and senior reporter for The Columbia Daily Spectator.

Over the course of my internships I found that my true passion lies in hard news reporting on politics, business, women's issues, and education, and that broadcast news is my preferred medium.

I am a senior at Barnard College where I am the chief reporter of Barnard news for the Columbia Daily Spectator.

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Here I am participating in a segment on Morning Joe about Susan Patton (Pricenton Mom) claiming that women should be in college to find a husband.

Here is Jon Stewart commenting on that segment (In which he describes me as "dewy-eyed and adorable")