Pushpinder Rana


This is Pushpinder working in drupal.

I have developed the sites using CakePHP, WordPress etc but i am finding that Drupal is more powerful and organised for rapid development.

Since I'm aiming to learn drupal as much as possible and want to contribute in drupal community.


  • Custom module developments.
  • Implementation of workflow.
  • Use varnish, APC and memcache in our application for better performance of website.
  • Web page optimization.
  • Developed pages using AJAX, JSON and jQuery.
  • Database Optimization.
  • Deployment
  • CORE PHP, CakePHP and Drupal 6.
  • custom development/maintenance of MVC framework.
  • Exposure in upgraded of drupal version.
  • Worked on multidomain and multimultilingual website.