Erik van Ballegoij

Erik van Ballegoij is an independent DNN expert and software engineer. Until September 2014 he was Senior Developer at DNN Corp., based in the European office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a member of the engineering team, his activities focused on localization, ranging from feature design and implementation to coordination of translations. Apart from that, he was also the main resource for the DNN Developer Support program, which is a service available to customers and partners.

Erik is a long time member of the DNN community, drawn to it in the late days of DNN 2. Localization has always been an area of interest, resulting in the translation of DNN 3 and 4 in Dutch, and the development of various popular localization products. He joined the core team in 2007, and was also awarded Microsoft MVP in that same year, the first of a total of 5.

In 2011 Erik joined DNN Corp. as a Sales Engineer / Support Representative. The customer interaction experience is invaluable in his current role as senior developer.

Erik is board member of the Dutch DNN user group and founding member of the European DNN professionals network