Ethan Draddy

With a dedication to excellence, the Boy Scouts of America, Baltimore Area Council maintains prominence as one of the leading values-based youth development organizations in the Baltimore area. Scout Executive Ethan Draddy is has the privilege to work with volunteers and staff who have developed a three-year strategic plan with the goal of improving the overall quality of the Boy Scouts of America experience. The Baltimore Area Council Scouting community focuses in particular on the expansion and improvement of the organization's volunteer leadership at the unit, district, and council levels. In order to achieve this goal, Ethan Draddy and many stakeholders use strategies such as increasing parent participation, boosting participation from minority communities and women, calling in alumni to grow the volunteer base, and using the Internet and social media to better prepare volunteers.

In addition to improving the overall leadership of volunteers, the BAC remains committed to bolstering the overall Boy Scouts of America experience for young people, especially economically disadvantaged and disenfranchised youth. Given the diversity in the region, Ethan Draddy and the BAC work extensively to foster a strong program for at-risk youth in the City of Baltimore. To advance this program in the coming years, the BAC created a number of strategies aimed at encouraging at-risk youth to excel within the Boy Scouts of America. Ethan Draddy and the BAC utilized provide dynamic Boy Scout skill-development programs, hiring high-quality program specialists for the Scoutreach program, improving fundraising and volunteering in the at-risk programs, and giving at-risk youths a better chance to advance their rank in order to retain general interest in Boy Scouts of America.