Eva Zheng

I enjoy hacking. I enjoy acting. And I enjoy socializing.

I remember my first hackathon at Hollywood Hack Day where I barely had any previous coding experience. I walked in, found a table, a group of hackers, and so many talented and ready-to-help developer evangelists. Though sleep was nonexistant that night, I discovered a newfoundlove that allowed me to create things that is accessible all over the world -- websites, apps, games, you name it! This led me to major in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, with a minor in Business. I love doing side projects, and am now proudly working with Twilio Heroes.

Aside from the everlasting struggle to have a normal sleep schedule, I enjoy going on hikes, hilbombing, and romantic walks on the beach (just kidding, I'd rather go on a wild adventure).

I listen to instructions, but tell me to hush my opinions or think little of me, and I will prove that your world is false.