Jason Evanish

I’m passionate about self improvement, leadership and building great products. I believe in making things better than I found them. I enjoy a good discussion on innovation & disruption.

I love helping and learning from others, comparing notes and trading book recommendations, so please feel free to email me.

Currently, I’m working on 2 projects:

  1. An App to make you a Better Manager: Bad managers are one of the biggest reasons people leave companies. I have a system that has helped me retain & develop great talent. I’m now turning that into a product to help you. Sign up here for early access.
  2. A book on Building Customer Driven Products: There’s a lot of talk about the theory of Lean Startups, and very little to help you actually put customer driven ideals to practice. I’m writing the book I wish someone had given me when I started 5 years ago. Sign up here to learn more about the book I’m writing.

Previously, I led Product at KISSmetrics as we built a customer-driven product using Lean principles and a passion for customer happiness. I also co-founded Greenhorn Connect, which is a hub for the startup community in Boston still going strong in Year 5.