Fabio Lo Brutto

Just some guy who wants to be part of the 3D animation world and also appears to be a Tech addicted.
Nah...too reductive. You should add up something else. Ok, you're right.
Just some guy who also likes timelapse and stopmotion videos, rango, linux, android, blender, open-source, twit.tv, jamendo, pink floyd, nirvana, celtic and irish music, the good old music, google, vimeo, english, youtube, bsg, fringe, breaking bad, son of anarchy, dexter and many other tv series, united states, ale beer, hard candy(the movie...), the age of stupid, and so many other things, but tired to write them down.
Just some guy who has just realized that he is talking in the third person...which it is something he hates but for some reasons he keeps doing it. Wrong.

Anyway, you should know that I'm not you.  (or "he is not you" ? whatever.)