Faizan Munawar Varya

Hey, Guys, This is Faizan Munawar Ali Varya, I am 25 years old young professional from Pakistan, I have been working since 2005, I love writing, I believe it's an art, to form a beautiful sentence with selection of few words therefore I write as a ghost writer, freelance Journalist and I have been contributing with Wikipedia, Forbes, NY times national (Pakistan, Spain) & International Newspapers for long time by now and besides writing I love speaking different languages and certainly speak few languages quite fluently.

I have founded Pakistan's first fully youth oriented organization called Youth Welfare Organization whose 98% of By-laws/Constitution only talk about Youth issues.

World's most growing medium to communicate masses is Social Media that's why I am an expert in it, and with the blessings of Allah (the almighty God) I have successfully campaigned for world's biggest brands by designing their Social Media strategy.

I truly believe in collaborations, If you think you need a Social Media Expert, a Ghost Writer, or if you are interested in youth oriented activities do let me know. I can assure you better growth in your business for more information on Youth Welfare Organization do visit our website or add me on Facebook or follow me on twitter. Gracias..!!! :)