Farah Tanis

A bit of the political–This is a brief bio as I do live out my politics in my work: I am a transnational Black feminist and human rights activist, co-founder and Executive Director of Black Women’s Blueprint, and a 2012 U.S. Human Rights Institute Fellow. Founder of the Museum of Women’s Resistance (MoWRe), Creator of Mother Tongue Monologues, Contributor to several grassroots documentaries, development and teaching of curricula and human rights policy advocacy and organizing in the U.S. and the Caribbean. A bit of the personal: I am a daydreamer. Lover of love, defender of LGBT rights. I am constantly nostalgic for days gone by, when snicker bars were 35 cents and everyone wore two-toned jeans. Yes I’m a child/pre-teen of the 80s. I am a cat owner, but also like dogs. Superhero wannabe. Enjoy science fiction. Awkward nerd at times, but very much confident, anchored and know who I am. Not easily star struck unless its Angela Davis, Mae Jemison who turned the usual paradigm on its head by doing something unexpected, in addition to writing and talking. Though I am grateful for the writings and teachings of others who’ve helped me find my footing. In a parallel universe I too am an author. I believe one can live out all of their dreams if they truly put their minds to it and so I might become an author and a dancer, specializing in African dance, spinning, rising, bending, stomping and worshiping to the beat of the drums and speaking without words, with my ancestors.