Marcos Farion Jr.

I was born in 1985 in Curitiba, PR - Brazil.
Current location: Philadephia, PA - U.S.A

Bachelor's degree in Advertising.
Master's degree in Cinema.

I am committed to finding work in filming, broadcast or other video related area. I have been working with video since 2005 when I was still in College. I am self-motivated, hardworking and reliable.

I am skilled with the most famous video editors around, such as FinalCut Pro, Premiere Pro and AVID Composer. I have worked on Cruise Ships as Broadcast Technician, producing Cruise in Review DVDs and commercials to promote on board revenue. Shot and edited promotional excursion footage for Miami headquarters. Once promoted to Head Broadcast Technician, I produced all graphics used in live productions on RCCL television networks. I was responsible for managing all satellite feeds (Orbit and SeaTel systems) and programming for all on board television systems. Operated live 3 camera theatre productions, aired live on television. I was in charge of any TV or video issue around the ship, supervising 3 other Broadcast Technicians in my team. I am now ready to expand my career in broadcast production.

When searching for the most qualified candidate please think of me. I pride myself on using my complex skill set and creative mind to assure the best possible product. I have years of experience as a production professional and have worked with many wonderful professionals in that time. I have always concentrated on proper communication, innovative thinking and production management to assure the highest client satisfaction possible.