Fatih Ozmen

In 1981, Fatih Ozmen joined Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) with a passion for engineering and a strong vision for the future. Today, as SNC’s Chief Executive Officer, he uses his insight and experience to develop technology solutions in the ever-changing global marketplace. Since acquiring the company in 1994, Fatih and his wife Eren have completed 12 strategic acquisitions, expanding SNC’s tradition of excellence into the new growth areas of Human Space Flight, Nanotechnology, Cyber, Net-Centric Operations, Microsatellites, Energy, and Telemedicine. A top innovator and entrepreneur, Fatih has helped develop multiple high-tech landing systems and manage several key programs across SNC’s six business areas. Currently, he is making his dream of space exploration a reality with the development of SNC’s Dream Chaser® spacecraft so the United States can again send America’s astronauts to the International Space Station and low-Earth orbit.

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