Dionisios Favatas

The breadth of my experience has included the development and execution of a wide array of Integrated Marketing Communications and Public Relations strategies for clients and companies, alike. Facets of my experience include ideating, conceptualizing and executing campaigns in the PR and corporate communications, interactive and social media marketing, SEO, and SEM spaces. In addition, I have several years' experience in management including direct reports, staffing, coaching and training, and P&L.

Some tidbits about me include:

  • 10+ years of experience in the Integrated Marketing Communications and Public Relations space.
  • Accomplished and insightful Digital Strategist and Social Media Ideation Leader.
  • A Digital Marketing expert firmly positioned at the crossroads of technology and marketing.
  • A Corporate Communications and Public Relations professional that is pioneering the utilization of SMR's.

Plenty of other blah, blah, blahs I could say, but connect with me and let's have a real conversation.