Archturiat C. Baumann

What happens when you take a mild-mannered school bus driver and a disgruntled postal employee, marry them together, and have them adopt a Native American within a few blocks of Disneyland? This experiment, started in 1970, has resulted in this man who somehow wound up living in Bend, and is often found wearing clothes more appropriate to the age of the Oregon Trail than the Information Age.

From his "home on wheels" he labors at his job: which usually involves some sort of techno-wigdet. He also creates gadgets in his spare time. From the phone system that makes sounds straight from the 1960's to the neo-Victorian oddities, always with irreverance and sense of anachronism.

He's also serious about the Rennaisance era. Well, as serious as one can be while wearing breeches and a silly hat.

He writes a bit as well. Check out his personal blog, linked below. There's also a LiveJournal, a tumblr blog, and a bunch of other things, each with something different.