Fire is the founder and director of Whitehorne Scientific Consulting, a Dutch based agency offering services to universities, research institutes and science organisations with international and/or national clients and stakeholders.

RESEARCH GRANT PROPOSALS AND APPLICATIONS: Strategic advice, critical review and editorial support during the grant writing process.
RESEARCH GRANT INTERVIEW PREPARATION: Practical support in preparation for a presentation/interview session to a research grant evaluation panel.
NATIVE ENGLISH CRITICAL REVIEW AND SCIENTIFIC EDITING: Journal articles, reports, award/prize nominations and reviews.
PROMOTION CASES/APPLICATIONS AND PRIZE NOMINATIONS: Strategic support for research scientists seeking to optimise the impact of their case for career advancement, job application and/or prize nomination.
STRATEGIC CONSULTING: Strategic support and advisory services in respect to: the development and review of strategic/forward plans; external reviews; stakeholder consultation; and the streamlining and strengthening of internal processes and systems.
NATIVE ENGLISH COPYWRITING AND EDITING: Editing of strategic proposals/forward plans, written policies, reports, correspondence material, communication guidelines and manuscripts.

Please note: as of March 2014 Whitehorne Communication and Design has changed its name to Whitehorne Scientific Consulting.