Felix Paul Kühne

I'm a contributor to the VideoLAN project since early 2003. VLC media player's 2.0 Mac Interface is what I spent most of 2011's summer on. Nowadays, I somewhat shifted my attendance to mobile and embedded devices - still, VLC media player for Mac is being actively developed and will include major improvements and new features. Other pet projects include an Objective-C framework called VLCKit as well as browser plugins for the Mac.

You can find information about future features and current development regarding VLC for Apple platforms on my blog.

While being based in Germany's north, you can frequently find me at various FLOSS and geek events throughout the world, such as SCALE in Los Angeles, CA, FISL in Porto Alegre, Brazil, OSDC in Australia, FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium, or the VideoLAN Dev Days in Paris, France.

In real life, I'm a final year med student.

References on request.

Oh, and I got a wishlist, too.