Florence Ion

My name is Flo, as you've likely gathered.

I'm a staff writer for Greenbot, IDG's newly launched Android-centric publication. I write everything I possibly can about Android, including hardware reviews, app roundups, breaking news, and how-tos. I also love pitching trend pieces and long-form features about neat things developers are doing in the Android sphere. My stories are often crossposted to PCWorld and TechHive.

I previously wrote about Android and a hodgepodge of other gadget-y things for Ars Technica. Before that, I managed freelancers, copy edited, and filed invoices as the Managing Editor for MacLife magazine.

I've also written for the print versions of PC Gamer, Nintendo Power, Maximum PC, PCWorld, and The Bark, a dog-centric magazine. Dogs are the best, but cats are okay, too.

In my off time, I'm either sweating away in a yoga class or attempting to craft my way through life. I also try to travel as often as I possibly can.