Florence Lince

My husband Mike and I live in a new country every six months. We are known as The 6 Monthers. We travel the world blogging and reviewing travel related sites, hotels and restaurants. I write two stories a week on each blog that I manage. I also believe that social media should be about the social and not about the media. We also live among and with the locals in every country we move to. Our motto: "Don't make an impact, make a difference."

UPDATE (November 8, 2014):

Life is about change and learning to 'go with the flo'. We are therefore moving to Bellingham, WA on November 14, 2014. Onward to our next advenuture.

I am therefore looking for interesting people to interview and good vegan restaurants to review in the Bellingham, Fairhaven and Ferndale areas.

Email me with any leads. Thank you in advance.