Justin Foster

I am a Brand Strategist. I have a great passion for discovering awesome, authentic people and organizations. I call these "Bacon Brands" and I love promoting them to the world. I am the CMO of Klowd.com - creators of the SlideKlowd presentation app. I am also a Senior Strategist with Price Associates - an elite team of leadership performance coaches. I am often asked to work with organizations and individuals to help them find their authentic differentiators, create powerful and honest messages and bring discipline and focus to marketing efforts. I speak frequently on modern branding and marketing, generational shifts, culture and innovation. I am the author of "Oatmeal v Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World". My second book "Human Bacon: A Man's Guide to Creating an Awesome Personal Brand" will be available in mid-2014. I live near Boise, Idaho and my wife and I have two awesome sons. Outside of my business pursuits, I love great coffee, new ideas, in-depth political discussions, creating new friendships and mentoring young leaders. I'm a country music purist and a promoter of indie bands. For personal development, I read, go to the gym and spend time with people I love.