Justin Foster

I believe that inside every organization and person is a truth waiting to be converted into a brand and communicated to the world. As a brand strategist, speaker and author, I help find this truth and amplify it.

I have a relentless passion to discover and promote "Bacon Brands" – the innovative and authentic brands (both companies and individuals) who are disrupting everything by being perpetually compelling – like bacon! I have authored two books on "Bacon Brands," which are available on Amazon.

Using intellectual property developed and honed over 10 years of working with brands of all industries and sizes, I deliver brand strategy planning, social business consulting and cultural transformation. I work primarily through fassforward Consulting Group, a New York-based business transformation firm serving senior leaders at Fortune 1000 companies who want to seize big moments and convert them to momentum. I also work with Price Associates, an executive coaching firm that develops high performing leaders for high-growth companies.

In addition to consulting and coaching, I am often asked to speak on modern branding, social business, cultural differentiation, Millennial engagement and more. In a speaking style described as "disruptive" or "pithy," I provide keynotes, leadership labs and executive briefings for groups who want to create a little agitation and generate new energy.

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and younger son. Our older son and his wife live in Portland, Oregon. Outside of my business pursuits, I love great coffee, meeting interesting people, having rich conversations and mentoring young leaders. I'm a country music purist and a promoter of indie bands, so I’m right at home in Austin! For personal growth, I work out, continuously seek knowledge, and spend time with the people I love.