I have produced music under this moniker for more than ten years, cutting my teeth in synthetic and sampled sound design techniques using Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live.

This musical project is my homage to Arthur C. Clarke's lost-then-found spacefarer, 'Frank Poole.' We have all been rent asunder from our natural habitat by the pervasive and ubiquitous technosphere which now threatens to sever the social matrix and dispose of humanity just as HAL 9000 disposed of Frank Poole.

I am suspended in the moral vacuum of the social, attempting vainly to scream so that others might hear my protests.

The distance which now separates each person from the next is as timeless and frigid as the vastness of space itself.

"Presence has an inverse relationship to language; it is most apparent when people are silent."
- John Zerzan

I recently discussed the linguistic mediation of olfaction with Zerzan and Kathan on AnarchyRadio


"A universe purged of all threat of meaning, in a state of asepsis and weightlessness - it is this very perfection that is fascinating... we are dumbfounded by the perfection of the programming and the technical manipulation... Vertigo of the model, which unites with the model of death, but without fear or drive."
- Jean Baudrillard

"For monkeys to speak of truth is hubris of the highest degree. Where is it writ large that talking-monkeys should be able to model the cosmos? If a sea urchin or a racoon were to propose to you that it had a viable truth about the universe, the absurdity of that assertion would be self-evident, but in our case we make an exception."

- Terence McKenna