Francois Paul Lambert

Francois Paul Lambert is a Lead Mentor and dedicated Life Designer at F&H Lifestyle Designers. He helps disillusioned high-achievers transition from their cubicle-prison to the Real Life (so they can enjoy the Life They Were Born To Live!). Francois Paul has launched several ambitious projects with a goal to help 1000 brave souls to take the leap into their ultimate journey to freedom and fulfillment. His flagship mentoring programme, the Life Bootstrapping System, is already changing the life of mindful aspirant lifestyle warriors and "guerrières" (that’s the name for women warriors in French).
Before that, Francois Paul was stuck in the matrix, but he was still able to explore being a trainee Air Force pilot (ok, not very long), an accomplished lawyer (too long!), a failing entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur, a space law & policy specialist (sounds cocky, good!), a published author (not what you think), a university lecturer, a pain in the ass (for some), …
Francois Paul is now enjoying life to its fullest, traveling, sharing love, fun, and kicking his clients’ butts so they too can escape the career-cage and design the life they were born to live… Yay!