Frann Leach

Now, look. I'm a Brit and we're not good about talking about ourselves - certainly not in positive terms ("blowing our own trumpets") and not negatively either ("washing our dirty linen in public"), so I don't really know what I should be saying here. I'm known to my friends as a geek, but does that mean anything? Well, if it means being online all the time, I definitely qualify. I guess people are supposed to list their interests, but then I'm told that if you're in internet marketing, you shouldn't list all your interests anywhere, because it's unbelievable that anyone could be interested in a lot of different things - what? I'm no robot, even if that would be really convenient - so much time wasted cooking, eating, sleeping - but i do have more than one interest: alternative health stuff (herbal remedies, aromatherapy, gluten free info), computers, html/css, php/mysql, food, organic gardening. The list goes on. Why is this considered strange? Oh, and I'm left wing in a way that probably seems to anyone not British to be totally off the map. But then again, I consider American Democrats right wing. Recently I've published books on some of my interests on the Kindle. They're mostly about the same stuff I talked about earlier, but there's also other things. You can find me on twitter @FrannsAltHealth for mainly health-related things, (or try @FrannLeach which tends to be a lot more political), on Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and on Google+.