Gamal Youssef

Dr. Gamal Youssef, was awarded his PhD degree, June 2011 in Political Science AAST in the Regional Security in the Middle East, a case study about of Israeli nuclear capabilities during the period 1991-2010. 

He is running for Parliament with the Wasat party in Cairo, Kasr El Nile district. 

Reasons for joining Wasat Party:

Al Wasat party has an Egyptian Islamic Civilization background, which was built by Muslims and Christians. In this party, he can see all the Egyptians come together to built modern Egypt which is based on equality, freedom and social justice. 


  • The population of Egypt is not the problem, in fact we can say that the human resources are the most importanat assests for Egypt's future. The main problems that face Egypt are: Unemployment, Education, Poverty and the Slums, all with equal importance. 
  • Egypt needs to build its own forcefulness by developing its human resources, economical resources, military power, social welfare, and political influence, to be able to achieve its goals within the international community.
  • Egypt needs the Nuclear energy to develop the industrial field.
  • Poor management and lack of vision is one of the main problems facing Egypt. Scientific Research, its application and scientific planning must be the base for building the future.