Gary S. Mezo

PIONEERING, REVOLUTIONARY & INNOVATIVE. Chairman/CEO & Medical Director of NanoBiotech Pharma. Our published science, clinical trials & in-house research is well-established and so we now conduct collaborative research with prominent researchers at highly-respected institutions. Current/past examples: Mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic, NASA, UCSD, Stanford and scores more. Inventor of NanobacTX, the first Nanobiotic that targets the pathological calcification, inflammation & amyloid deposition of Nanobacteria infection & related diseases. Nanobacteria ( also known as CNPs or NPs) are linked to the development of atherosclerosis, calcified atherosclerotic plaque, pathological calcification, inflammation & coronary artery disease. Invented Urobac, the second Nanobiotic that targets CNPs, inflammation, plaque & calcification in the urogenital tract (BPH, Chronic Prostatitis, PKD & Kidney Stones). More Nanobiotics are in pipeline. Our most recent research is in Alzheimer's Disease & Vascular Dementia with clinical trials planned. Two popular books have been written about my R&D: "Has Heart Disease Been Cured" and "The Calcium Bomb" and featured in medical book chapters and medical research. Have been the subject of Fox TV News Reports and conduct lectures to physicians and other medical providers. Family Practice & Emergency Medicine- now retired from seeing patients, Medical Researcher & Serial entrepreneur. Happily married.