Steve Moss

I am a Dad to two beautiful children, and besotted husband. I am passionate about science, research, computing, and all things geeky! I am the founder of @pyOpenSci and @RaspPscience; supporter of Open Access, Open Data, Open Hardware, Open Science, and Open Source; and programmer (primarily) in Python, Perl, R, and C. I am also very excited about the Julia programming language, and am a member of the BioJulia organisation.

I undertook a PhD in Bioinformatics within the EvoHull group (@EvoHull) at the University of Hull. I focused on the development of computational methods for large-scale comparisons and analyses of genomic data, in order to understand the evolutionary processes involved in driving changes in genome structure and content over time.

I enjoy coding, data munging, devops, distributed and parallel computing, high performance and GPU computing, and systems administration. I believe in a free and open Internet and am an advocate of those rights. I am most comfortable at the UNIX command line and feel particularly at home when utilising my computational skills in a data intensive environment, whilst collaborating within a multidisciplinary team. I believe in using the power of technology to make the world a better place.

My interests cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to; algorithms, anthropology, archaeology, artificial intelligence, automation, bioinformatics, cultural and social evolution, cloud computing, computational biology, computational science, containerization, data science, devops, evolutionary biology, genomics, GPU computing, high performance computing, high throughput computing, machine learning, metagenomics, molecular evolution, natural history, next generation sequencing, palaeanthropology, palaeopathology, phylogenetics, scientific computing, semantic web, systems administration, virtualization, and visualization.