matthew mitchell

i code therefore. i am... "hello world"
developer @ the new york times

I'm proud of my work /w DREAMCODE for the 2014 #mlkhack @Tumblr. I worked /w aspiring young high school kids, I also mentored a team of newbie developers to a 1st place "Best Use of Tumblr API" award. ! Go!

Won an award @codefab's NYC Mobile Dev Camp / Hackathon 2011. Presented @ techcrunch disrupt nyc 2011 (poidh here & here . Again in 2012 & 2013. Attended almost every NYC based one. You get tested, you get burned, you learn so much & work so fast.
I participated in American Express Local Hack Day showing a powerplug-locator app called

<3 New York tech. Silicon alley is the place to be/fail/succeed. i've been working in technology for almost 20 years now. i am just your average high energy, idea sprewing, solution totting guy. hell bent on changing the world! i am studying ios, android, python, ruby, & the harder to debug - japanese & german.

i started out as a server monkey, became a web monkey, & now have evolved into technoloisapian.

developer myths i bust...

. technologist are anti-social

. techs don't understand business needs

. geeks & dorks aren't cool

. W3 d0 IT 4 th@ lulz

. emacs rulez

personal motto: "ready to win"

tech motto "demo or die!"

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle..."