Genevieve V. DeGuzman

| “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”
― Muriel Rukeyser |

I'm the co-founder and managing editor at Night Owls Press, a small, independent book publisher based in Portland, OR, and San Francisco, CA that turns big ideas into great books. Books published under our imprint include: The Fifth Age of Work, Small Business Big Change, The Editor's Eye, Home Field Advantage, and Working in the UnOffice (co-authored). Our latest project is Turn of Phrase ESL, an educational series that teaches English language idioms in the form of interactive, chooseable path novels (think Choose Your Own Adventure).

In previous lives, I've worn many hats: corporate communications guru, economic development professional, number cruncher, editor, and field researcher. I've traveled to over 15 countries in Asia and Latin America and was a bona fide expat for five years. I'm a bit of a nomad but I really have a homebody soul.

I scribble and dabble when I can carve out the time, and my creative writing trends to parkour around the borderlands of literary and speculative fiction. A well-spent day is a good book, a contented cat, strong coffee, the smells of cinnamon or spruce when it's cold, mint or lemon balm when it's warm, and a brisk walk in the woods. I live in Portland, OR.

Say hi! I'm always interested in hearing about possible partnerships in publishing or writing.