Chris Gerty

Chris is a technologist and entrepreneur, and a leading voice on the convergence of space exploration and the "maker" culture. Chris has over 15 years of experience with technology-intense projects in the aerospace industry. As a member of NASA's Open Innovation Program, he shared responsibility for events such as the International Space Apps Challenge, pioneering collaborative spaces, and promoting open source technology development from within NASA's walls. He has a passion for technology both personally and professionally, fueled by projects such as planning human missions to the Moon, personal home energy monitoring, and training operators of US and Russian spacesuits on the International Space Station. Chris is also an explorer and has firsthand experience working and surviving in extreme conditions. In 2007, he participated as a crew member of NEEMO-13 aboard the Aquarius Underwater Laboratory, living underwater for 10 days, studying long-duration spaceflight for lunar exploration. He currently works at the Johnson Space Center, exploring disruptive alternatives to existing tech infrastructure, in the areas of sustainability and emergency operations. Outside of his work at NASA, Chris co-founded re:3D, a company that pushes the limits of 3D printing at the human scale, and hopes that further disrupting this fast-moving technology will improve lives around the world. He truly believes that emerging, exponential technologies can work for us (rather than against us) to make life better for everyone on Earth, and beyond. Chris holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Clarkson University and lives in Houston, TX with his family.