Gil Gerretsen

PERSONAL: I am a Dutch-born, Canadian-raised, American who is a chronic vacationer and explorer. I love to visit new places and new lands, especially scenic natural wonders. I enjoy meeting "the locals" to see the world through their eyes. Unabashed Jesus believer.

PROFESSIONAL: I'm also a chronic (see a pattern?) Multipreneur and here are some of the business things that currently occupy my interest and attention.

BizTrek Marketing Mentors ~ The world's foremost business development system for #Multipreneurs - people growing several businesses simultaneously. Boot Camp, Gazette & Private Mentoring.

Solopreneur Society ~ A semi-monthly "Swap Meet" (Guild) for Solopreneurs and Freelancers who serve as a mutual advisory board and mastermind group to share know-how and connections for optimal business and personal growth.

Curated Buzz Agency ~ A boutique "Brand & Buzz" consultancy for curated travel destinations, with a particular emphasis on drawing Americans and Canadians to new European options.

InnoStar 500 Awards ~ A new business award program designed to locate and honor North America's best and brightest "unsung" Multipreneurs under the age of 50.

P.S. If my skills or connections interest you, then please reach out and tell me about yourself, why we should connect, and how you think we can help each other.