Gil Gerretsen

PERSONAL: I am a Dutch-born, Canadian-raised, Jesus-believing American who is a compulsive entrepreneur, writer and traveler. Talking with leaders of high-potential businesses is a blast for me. So is thinking and writing about the science of business (yes, it's a science). But my favorite thing to do is exploring the globe because I love to meet new people, learn new things and discover fresh ideas.

MY MANTRA: We have two ends with a common link. With one we sit. With one we think. Success depends upon what we use. Heads we win. Tails we lose.

PROFESSIONAL: I am the developer of the BizTrek Code, arguably the world's most logical and productive marketing system. My place in the business world is to help fastlane professionals and business owners make a "dent in their universe" by teaching them how to use this proven new business development system to market their products and/or services faster, easier and with less risk.

IMPACT: There are many professionals and business owners across the continent who "cracked the code" and attribute their growth, success and wealth to the kickstart they received by learning and using the BizTrek Code. Might you be the next one?

REACH OUT: Feel free to call or email me any time you want to launch a friendship or pick my brain about growing your business. If you are the shy and quiet type, feel free to browse through the videos on or follow me on social media ... and then give me a call when you feel ready. Truly! I enjoy energizing and thoughtful chats with people who are intent on going places!