Gil Gerretsen

MY WORK: I created the BizTrek Code, which is arguably the world's most logical and productive marketing system for "cash cow" businesses.

MY DAYS: As President of BizTrek, most of my days are spent working with promising Privateers* & Professionals who are using the BizTrek Code to build their enterprise faster, easier and with less risk.

MY IMPACT: There are many accomplished Privateers & Professionals who attribute their success and wealth to the kickstart they received by mastering the BizTrek Code. Might you be the next one?

MY WRITINGS: I invented the Plynq. I've published two books. I am now actively writing several more Plynq-style books designed to help enterprising people around the globe build and run a "cash cow" business.

PERSONAL: I am a Dutch-born, Canadian-raised, Jesus-believing American. I am a chronic travel hound because I love to visit new places, explore cultural gems and meet fascinating people.

MY MANTRA: We have two ends with a common link. With one we sit. With one we think. Success depends upon what we use. Heads we win. Tails we lose.

REACH OUT: Feel free to contact me any time you want to launch a friendship or pick my brain about growing your enterprise. I enjoy thoughtful chats with people from around the world who are intent on improving their life and business.

* A Privateer shuns passive capital investors in favor of building a closely-held lifestyle business for passionate insiders.